Supported Living - Home for the less able
About us

Park View comprises of two semi-detached houses, thoughtfully adapted and equipped to meet the needs of individuals with Autism/Aspersers’ Syndrome in a Supported Living setting. 

Park View provides staff cover 24 hours a day by Aims Homecare Ltd. Our experienced staff team are able to holistically support each individual to achieve their personal goals and aspirations. We are trained to work within the SPELL approach to providing support and all other communication options specific to the needs of the individual e.g. PECS, TEACHH etc

Parkview is located near to Epsom town centre which has a variety of shopping and leisure activities, and is well served with public transport links.

It benefits from a large sensory garden, which has extensive patio areas, raised beds and a unique circular lawn with plenty of space for residents to enjoy their personal space and outdoor communal activities. 

Both properties are covered by a fully integrated fire alarm system (conforming to the highest L1 standards) with smoke detectors and emergency lights in every room and strobe sirens on every floor, which exceeds legal requirements for a domestic property.  

Our Philosophy

"We treat each person as an individual and respect him or her for who they are.  We work closely with our clients at their own pace to develop their skills in order to maximise potential and encourage them to participate fully in their local community. We will support individuals according to their specific needs to maintain a safe, clean and comfortable environment. We will listen to people and encourage and value their contribution to the running of the scheme."

Routine Activities

Each person will have allocated a keyworker who supports them to develop an individualised person centred plan which not only describes how that person wants to be supported, but also identifies their dreams and aspirations and what we will do to support them to achieve these


Within the plan will be the type of leisure activities the person likes or would like to try and what type of support they require to carry these out. We will also investigate new options and encourage and develop new interests for each individual. We encourage residents to have fun and enjoy life. We aim to ensure that each person has a varied and meaningful personal activity plan and agree staffing levels in advance.


The types of activities that people can access are as varied as the individual would like them to be and range from leisure activities and religious worship to further educational activities and work opportunities.


With the permission of the residents we will keep their families informed of their well being and involve them fully in the assessing, planning and evaluating of care.

Person Centred Care Planning

Our aim is always that the service we provide is individually designed around the person, and so the process of assessment and evaluation is ongoing, and the individual’s changing needs are monitored and responded to.


The process of assessment and evaluation is always carried out with the person and those important to them – not for the person.  We will support the person to have a person centred planning meeting at least once a year, where everyone that is important to the individual is invited to help them develop their plan for the forthcoming year, and to evaluate how things have gone previously.

The running of the scheme
Admissions procedure

We want the residents to have an active part in how the scheme is run, and will consult with them in ways that are accessible to them about issues in the home.  This may take the form of residents meetings, keyworker meetings or individual meetings.  We will work to understand what the person really wants and we will strive to do so using communication options that are relevant to the individual.


We have a quality assurance policy which ensures that we look at the support we provide and make sure that it is of a high standard and meaningful to the residents.  We will regularly ask residents, their families and professionals about how they feel the service is doing, this will be done annually in the form of a questionnaire which we send out and collate all the returned information.  From this we will develop a plan to make any alterations to improve the care we give and this will be shared with all of the people who contributed to the review and also with CQC

We have an admission policy and emergency admission policy which ensures that the move to Park View is smooth and stress free for  potential residents.


Only people falling within our service criteria maybe considered for residence.  In normal circumstances a pre-placement assessment will be carried out to ensure that we can meet the needs of the individual.  We will spend time talking to the person and those that are important to them, to ensure that we know exactly what type of service the person requires.



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